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流水绯红 发表于 2006-1-10 00:43:43
说曹操,曹操到 Say the cao hold, the cao hold to of
david 发表于 2006-1-10 09:14:45
Talk of the devil and he comes
芥末膏 发表于 2006-1-10 17:13:22
Interesting. Why is it Devil? Not Saint? I don't think Cao Cao here means something bad. It only describes the coincidence, doesn't it?
samin 发表于 2006-1-10 22:49:03
John said he'd be coming—and talk of the devil here he is now

说曹操曹操到:talk of the devil
boboo 发表于 2006-1-19 06:20:52
saying caocao , caocao comes!
TheYeti 发表于 2006-1-20 13:10:32
I assume your want this in English because you want to say that to someone who does not speak Chinese. As such, that person probably has no idea of who cao-cao is. Therefore you should use the English equivalent of "Speaking of the devil." ( The second part "the devil is here" is understood and need not be mentioned. If your intention is to let this other person be familiar with a Chinese expression, then perhaps you should start with telling him/her that "Speak of cao-cao" is the Chinese expression similar to the English one of "Speaking of the devil", and then go on to explain to him/her who cao-cao was.
baigubit 发表于 2022-3-16 15:55:13
okxxl 发表于 2023-1-24 11:03:21
speak of the devil; Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear; Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear./Talk of the devil and he will appear.
speak fo the demon; speak to the devilLegok na pomine;Talk of the devil and the devil comes.
cdzhaoliang 发表于 2023-2-2 18:29:44
It come here when you talk about it.
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