Loved Ones :A Christmas Fairy Tale

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Iit is indeed a fine thing to be amid one's loved ones at the festive season. Yes, said Sylvia Cramp to her neighbour, Sydney Tyler(going on 70,both of them--on their own ,but making the best of it).Yes, the girls are all coming and their boyfriends(no-one gets married these days, do they?).They like a proper Christmas and the way they live, with their jobs and that, how could they find the time to set it up? And yes, said Sydney, I'll be going to mine, as usual. I'll have a couple of days with one--they want me to do a spot of decorating for them while I'm there, they don't have a moment themselves, of course. And then I'll pop over to the other--promised I'd mind the kids for a night or two, give her a break, fair's fair. Ah yes, they agreed, it's a time you want your family around you, isn't it? So, said Sylvia, I'd better be on my way, get stuck into the shopping, seven we'll be, and the girls like things done nicely--choosy, they are, the girls. Bye then, Sydney.

Smoked salmon, they had said, and fruit and nuts, of course, and Stilton and water biscuits and liqueur chocs and so forth, and be sure to get good stuff, Mum, won't you?

No junk. Money's not a problem--we'll settle with you later. Money we have—it’s time we’re short of and, anyway, you love doing Christmas, don’t you? Goose, not turkey--turkey's out these days. Oh, and not a pud--make something frightfull elaborate and amazing of your own. We'll leave it to you, you're such a super cook.

One of the girls bought leather coats for a famous department store ,the second owed a chain of florists, the youngest ran an employment agency. They All earned thousands and thousands every year, had enormous mortgages, sheaves of credit cards, high blood pressure, therapists and, naturally, they couldn't cook. They ate in restaurants or not at all.

They doted on their mother and they sometimes still brought their washing home for her to do and, of course, they always came to her for a lovely traditional Christmas with all the trimmings, bringing with them their boyfriends, who had migraines, high blood pressure, hundreds of credit cards and permanent jet lag.

Don't bother with the drink, they said--we'll have it sent, you might go wrong there, it's not really your thing, is it? Just see to the food, darling. Oh, and remember lots of Perrier, and croissants for breakfast, and do one of your incredible home—made soups for Christmas Eve lunch, and we must have crackers and chestnuts and a big tree.

Sylvia went to the supermarket. Once twice, thrice. Festooned with shopping bags, peering at lists, she fought her way from Fresh Meat to Dairy to Household Goods; she stood doggedly in checkout lines; she toiled like a dray-horse up the hill back home. Several times she met her neighbour, Sydney Tyler(a really nice fellow, Sydney, when you got to know him--missing his wife, of course, poor man.)

When she got back to the house, like as not the phone would be ringing as the girls remembered further essential items: marrons glaces and you will make a cake Mum, won't you? Another had forgotten to say that the new boyfriend was vegetarian--just do something simple for him, a quiche or a lasagne. They telephoned from offices and from restaurants and from airports--breathless and busy: they hadn't got a moment, they said, can you lay in orange juice and muesli and yogurt and wholemeal bread? We're exhausted, they said ,We're just going to come to you and collapse. Oh, and can you be a darling and do us a caesar salad for Boxing Day, and there will be dates and grapes and prune stuffing ,won't there?

Sylivia trudged to the shops and back again. And again and again. The fridge was filled and the freezer and cupboards and shelves. She cleaned the house and made up the beds and several times she took a abreak and had a chat with Sydney—nice Sydney next door. The girls rang to say that their blood pressure was up and they thought they would exchange this lot of boyfriends for another lot and were simply longing for Christmas. Have fun, Mum, they said. But don't overdo it--we just want a simple family Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Sylvia prepared the kitchen. She took the goose from the freezer and put it on the windowsill. She set upon the table potatoes and sprouts and onions and oranges and lemons and eggs and gelatine and sugar and very much else besides. She went upstairs and when she came down she was carrying a suitcase in one hand and a letter in the other. The letter she placed upon the kitchen table. It said: "To make soup, chop vegetables for many hours. For cake --mix, whip ,etc, until exhausted. Ingredients for crab stuffing and elaborate dessert in fridge."

Sylvia went into the hall, where there were several boxes delivered by the Wine Society. From these she extracted a bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne and then another. After further thought, she added to these a bottle of Glenfiddich. She then put on her coat, gathered up the suitcase and the carrier bag with the Wine Society bottles, and went down the garden path to the taxi in which Sydney Tyler awaited her, with a fond smile upon his face and two air tickets to Teneriffe in his hand.


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节日期间身边围坐着亲人确实是件美好的事。是啊,西尔维亚•克兰普对她的邻居西德尼•泰勒说。(两人都年届70,都是一个人生活,但都享受这种生活。)是啊,女儿们都要回来了,还带着她们的男朋友(如今这年月,没有哪个要结婚,是吧?)。她们 稀罕过一个体面的圣诞节,而她们的 生活方式,加上工作及其他事情,她们哪来的时间把一切都弄好呢?是啊,西德尼说,跟往年一样,我也要去我孩子们的家了。我将在一个孩子那儿呆几天-他仍想让我在逗留期间 给他们家稍微装饰一下,他们自己当然没时间干了。然后我再赶到另一个孩子那儿-答应了抽一两个晚上来帮着照看孩子,好让她休息一下,我得一碗水端平才是。而且,他们都说,不是你希望这会儿子孙绕膝吗?哦,我还是上路吧,西尔维亚说,我得抓紧时间去买东西了,我们共有七个人,女儿要事事称心-这些丫头就是挑剔。那就再见吧,西德尼。



大女儿为一家知名的大百货商店购进皮衣,二女儿掌管一家职业代理公司。她们每年收入丰厚, 拥有大量契据成打的信用卡,并且都管有高血压,有自己的治疗专家,当然她们都不会有烹调。她们在餐馆就或干脆不吃。




等她回到家,很可能电话铃在响是女儿们又想起了什么必不可少的东西:栗色糖汁,而且你给烤个蛋糕吧,妈妈?另一个忘了告诉妈妈,她的新男友是个素食者--只要给他来点简单的东西就成,蛋奶火腿蛋糕或卤汁面条。她们 从办公室、餐厅、晚会或机场往家打电话,常常是忙得喘不过气来。她们说,她们一点儿空都没有,你能准备好橘子汁、加干果麦片、酸奶和全麦面包吗?我们精疲力尽了,她们说,我们这就回到您身边好彻底放松下来。噢,你能帮帮忙给我们做一份节礼日的恺撒什锦色拉吗?而且里面要放枣椰、葡萄、李子干做填料,好不好?



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A beautiful fairy tale.
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so beautiful[1_44]
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