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On an Amtrak1train the same day. The train is traveling from Florida to New York City. Grandpa is sitting on the train.A woman puts her suitcase on the seat next to him.

Elsa:Excuse me.Is this seat taken?2

Grandpa:No,It's not taken.

Elsa:Oh,thank you.

Grandpa:Oh,let me help you with this.[He puts her suitcase inthe overhead rack.]

Elsa:Oh,thank you.

Grandpa:Do you want to sit by3the window?

Elsa:No,no, no.I like the aisle4 seat better.

Please, you sit by the window.

[They sit down.]

Grandpa:My name is Stewart…Malcolm Stewart.Pleased to meet you.[They shake hands.]

Elsa:I'm Elsa Tobin.How do you do?

Grandpa:Do you live in New York?

Elsa:No,no.I'm from Florida.

Grandpa:I am,too.5 But didn't you just get on6?

Elsa:No, no.I just changed my seat.A man next to me was smoking,and smoke really bothers7 me.Where are you from in Florida?

Grandpa:Titusville.It's near Orlando.

Elsa:Small world.8 I'mfrom Titusville,too.

Grandpa:Really? What part?

Elsa:My husband and Ilive near Spaceport.

Grandpa:I know that area. My house is only a few miles9 from Spaceport.Do you still live there?

Elsa:Oh yes, yes. My husband's there now. He couldn't take time off10 to come to New York with me. Do you still live there?

Grandpa:No.I sold the house and the furniture11, put a few personal12 things in an old trunk, and shipped13 it to my children in New York.

That's my destination14.

Elsa:Are you married?15

Grandpa:My wife died four years ago. She was a wonderful woman. A real friend.

Elsa:I'm sorry.Really,I'm sorry.

Grandpa:Lots of wonderful memories16. We were married almost fifty17 years. Well,fortyseven,to be exact18.

Elsa:John and celebrate19our fortieth anniversary20 next month.

Grandpa:Oh, congratulations21! That's nice. What does John do?

Elsa:He's an aerospace22 engineer and works for Orlando Aircraft Corporation23. He started with them almost forty years ago.What do you do?

Grandpa:I just retired24. Had my own company.25 A construction company.26 Roads,27 bridges,28 big stuff. But I just sold it and retired.

[A conductor walks over to them.He asks to see Mrs.Tobin's ticket.]

Conductor:Excuse me, ma'am. Ticket, please.

Elsa:[to Grandpa]Would you kindly29 hold these keys, please?I have a ticket,I know,I was in the smoking section.

Conductor:It's OK,lady30.Take your time.31

Grandpa:I'm sure it's in your purse32, Mrs. Tobin.

Elsa:Oh, here it is.[She finds the ticket in her handbag and gives it to the conductor.]

[The conductor moves on.]

Grandpa:And here are your keys.

Elsa:Thank you.

Grandpa:Do you have family in New York?

Elsa:No, no.But I do have very close friends in New York City. We like to go to the theater together.You said you have family in New York.

Grandpa:Yes, indeed.33 A son and his wife and their three children----my grandchildren.

Elsa:You must be34 excited.

Grandpa:I can'twait35 to see them!

Elsa:Are you going to live with them?



Grandpa:Well…they want me to, but it's too early to know for sure.I'm pretty independent.Itried to teach my kids37 the importance of independence, but I'm not sure I want to be alone.Some people don't mind38 being alone.I do.

Elsa:I understand. But tell me. Why did you stop working?

Grandpa:I retired because …I wanted to be with my family.I didn't want to be alone anymore!



1.Amtrak:a train company, withtrains traveling between cities in the United States. Amtrak是火车公司的名字,一般译为“美国火车公司”。The name Amtrak comes from the word American,travel and track. Amtrak是由三个词组合而成的:American,travel和track。

2.Is this seat taken?=Is someone sitting here? 这里有人坐吗?

3.by:next to.靠。

4.aisle:the place to walk between rows of seats. 过道,走廊。

5.I am,too.=I am from Florida, too.我也是(从佛罗里达来)。

6.get on:to enter.上车,上。 get on可用于火车、公共汽车、飞机等。

7. bother:annoy or trouble. 打扰,烦扰。

8.Small world. =It's a small world. 世界真小。

You can use this expression if you are far from home and you meet someone who lives near you. 当你出远门遇见了来自故乡的人时,这句话就派上用场了。

9.miles:英里。one kilometer=0.6214mile,or about 5/8 mile.1公里=0.6214英里,大约5/8 英里。

10.take time off:not go to work; stay away from work. 不上班。 take off是一个短语动词。



13. shipped:sent:运,寄。

14. destination:the place where you plan to arrive at the end of a trip. 目的地。

15.Are you married?你结婚了吗?

16. wonderful memories:美好的记忆。

17.fifty:50。fifty 的重音在第一个音节,而fifteen 的重音在第二音节。

18.to be exact:exactly. 准确地。

19. celebrate:庆祝。

20. anniversary:周年纪念。 a wedding anniversary;the date on which someone was married.这里指结婚纪念日。

21.Congratulations!=That's great! 太好了,恭喜你,祝贺你。 Say congratulations to people when they tell you good news about themselves. 当别人告诉你他的喜讯时,你就说 congratulations。

22. aerospece:航空。

23. Orlando Aircraft Corporation:奥兰多飞机制造公司。aircraft:飞机,飞行器。

24. retired:stopped working, usually because of old age. 退休。通常是因年老而停止工作。

25.Had my own company.=I had my own company. 我有自己的公司。这句话表示 Grandpa曾经是这家公司的老板。

26.construction company:a business for building things.建筑公司。

27. roads:streets; highways. 道路。

28. bridges:桥梁。

29. Would you kindly…?= Please…麻烦您,请您……。

use this phrase to begin a formal request.这个短语用于正式的、客气的请求。

30. lady:夫人,女士。

31. Take your time.=It is not necessary to hurry. 慢慢来,别着急。

32.purse:handbag, pocketbook.(通常女用)钱包。

33. Yes,indeed.=That's true.对,没错。

34.must be:obviously are.显然。

35.I can't wait.=I am excited. 我很兴奋,我很激动。

36. permanently:with no plan to change. 长时期,一直,不再变动地。

37. kids:children.孩子们。 This is an informal word.


38. mind:to care about.在意,在乎。







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下面是Focus In的文字部分,供参考


“What's your name?”

My name is Stewart… MalcolmStewart.

“Pleased to meet you. What's your name?”

I'm Elsa Tobin. How do you do?

“How do you do? Where do you live?”


“Where do you live?”

Small world. I'm fromTitusville, too.

“It's a small, small world. How do you do? Are you married? Yes or no? Please tell me. Let me know. ”

John and I celebrate our 40th anniversary next month.

“Congratulations. Congratuations. What do you do? Are you a doctor, a farmer, a mailman, a lawyer, an artist, a salesman, a business man or a preacher, a high schoolteacher?”

I just retired.

“Do you have family in New York?”


“Do you have family in New York?”

Yes, indeed.

“I'm pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you. How do you do?I'm pleased to meet you. ”





下面是 Grandpa与 Elsa Tobin的对话片断。请从方框中选出合适的答案填在横线上。

1.Grandpa:My name is Stewart… Malcolm Stewart.


Eisa:I'm Eisa Tobin. How do you do?


Grandpa:My wife died four years ago.

3. Eisa:__________________in Florida?

Grandpa:Titusville. It's near Orlando.

4.Eisa:John and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary nextmonth.



Eisa:No, no But I do have very close friends in New York City.
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□1.Eisa Tobin changed seats because a man was smoking.

□2.Eisa never lived outside Florida.

□3.Grandpa and Eisa are from the same town.

□4.Eisa's husband isn't traveling with her because he had to work.

□5.Grandpa sold his house to a young couple.

□6.Grandpa's wife died at the age of 61.

□7.Grandpa was married for 47 years.

□8.Eisa's husband is an engineer.

□9. Grandpa recently retired.
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1.Do you have family in New York?

2.Yes, indeed. A______and his ______and their three children----my ______.

3.I ______to see them!


5.Well…they want me to, but it's too early to know for sure. I'm pretty______. I tried to teach my______the importance of______, but I'm not sure Iwant to be______. Some people don't mind being alone. I do.

6.I ______because…Iwanted to be with my family. I didn't want to be alone anymore!


1.No, no. But I do have very close friends in New York City. We like to go to the theater together. You said you have family in New York.

2.You must be______.

3.Are you going to live with them?


5.I ______. But tell me. Why did you stop working?
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