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The winner of x-factor 2005 Shayne Ward talks about his amazing year,and looks forward to his first irish concerts.

Ever since Shayne Ward- the 2005 X factor winner-was a little boy all he has ever wanted was to make his Irish-born mum Philomena proud.By all accounts then,he has delievered above and beyond.Putting aside his X Factor win in December 2005 Shayne, who in a matter of months went from working in a clothes shop in Manchester to being a bona fide superstar,is a gentle,respectful,polite and humble man.

By his own admission, Wards's childhood wasn't particularly easy.His early years were spent in Roscommon, Tipperary and Dundalk.They moved a lot, Shayne says, because the family kept growing. Mum Philomena,dad Martin and their seven children eventually settled in Cheshire,Manchester but with so many mouths to feed,money was tight. In his newly-released autobiography, my story, Shayne admits that his dad was "no good with drink".When he was 10 years old, his parents separated.

After taking his GCSE's,Shayne left school-he wanted to work, wanted to start contibuting and paying his way. His first job was in a choclate factory, his second in a clothes factory.When he was 18,he met his girlfriend Faye McKeever who he is still dating today.While working in a men's clothing store,Shayne hooked up with a band called Destiny,and from there on his weekends were spent singing karaoke in men's clubs.It was with Destiny that he first auditioned for X factor, but was turned down, as was his girlfriend and two sisters. But the following year Shyne re-auditioned,this time alone, and of course we all know what happened next. With the fame, however,had come intrusion into his family life, with various stories emerging about his father's prison sentence, his brother Martin being accused but then acquitted of murder, and reports about his mother allegedly brawling in the streets.Shayne, however, is resolute in respecting

his family's privacy, and in interviews he tries his best not to be drawn on subjects that relate to their turmoil.

At the end of January, Shayne Ward will play a string of sold-out dates in Dublin and in Cork,and in March will release his brand new album.But on a crisp winter day in Dublin,Shayne strolled through the streets of the capital for our exclusive VIP photo shoot, keeping himself to himself.Shayne doesn't seek publicity-that's not his style.This shy and unA**uming fella doesn't even think he has made it yet, and this he thinks is what makes him work so hard. He says he's forever indebted to the man he calls "Mr.Walsh" and he admits that it does make him sad to think that this "dream job" could all end tomorrow.


Shayne,can a nice guy like you survive in this cutthroat business?

Of course,aren't I surviving!My mum taught me about having respect for others.It's the best life lesson she taught me. It is a tough business but it doesn't mean that you won't survive if you're nice.However I've always got my business head on me and I know exactly what's going on all the time.



You've been laying low for the past while-what has been going on?

I have been travelling the world. I have just come abck from a mA**ive Asian tour of China,Taiwan and Malaysia.We also went to South Africa.The reception everywhere has been amazing.I also had an operation on my vocal chord nodules in August, and the surgery went really well.It was scary though;it was my first operation ever,and my voice is my career.Recently I have been working on my new album,a lot of which was recorded in Sweden.Iam very excited about it.It will be out in March.



What does the new album sound like?

It's a lot sexier,a lot funier,and a lot more up-tempo than the last.The first album was mainly ballads but this album showcases another side to me



What's the other side of you?

Everyone has two sides to them.Every one looks at me as a goody-two-shoes but I can be up for a right laugh as well.With the last album I couldn't show my jokey fun side because it was more serious album,but with this new record you will see a new-ish me.Am I doing a Justin Timberlake on it?I can't say yet!


每個人都是雙面人。大家都認為我是個好好先生,但我有時也會自願當一回笑料。上一張專輯我沒有展現出我愛開玩笑的一面是因為那是一張很嚴肅的專輯,但在這張新專輯你們會看到一個新的我。我這次會當一回Justin Timberlake嗎?我現在還不能說呢!

As well as working on the new record you have your biography called,my story,out.You have always been very private especially about your family life,what encouraged you to talk?

I was asked to write a biography and initially I said no because I thought I was too young.Even tought the book is called My story,I think it should be called My story so far.There have been a lot of stories in the tabloids about the bad stuff that's happened to mu family, so as far as I was concerned what I revealed was nothing new.I wrote about my childhood memories and obiviously how I felt about those stories about my family coming out.

在錄製新專輯的同時你還發行了名為《My Story》的自傳。你一直很注重自己尤其是家人的隱私,是什麼鼓勵了你說出這些話的呢?

那時有人請我寫一本自傳,我馬上拒絕了,因為我認為我太年輕了。儘管這本書是叫《My Story》,我認為它應該叫《My Story so far》。小報上一直有很多關於我家人的負面報道,所以就我所知,我在書上寫的東西沒什麼新奇的。我寫下了我的童年回憶,當然還有我對那些負面報道的感受了。

Did you see it as an opportunity to clear the record?

Yeah,I wanted to put people in the picture, and to tell them to not always believe what they read in the papers and also that it's not as bad as everyone makes out.



There's a lovely paragraph in the book where you write about your time living in a pub called Folkstone in Clayton.You were six.Tell us about it?

Yeah ,that particular memory is quite strong.On weekend mornings my twin Emma and I would tiptoe down to the pub our mum and dad ran, and while they would be cleaning it,we'd hide under the tables and frighten them.Then Emma and I would play on the jukebox, singing and dancing and drinking lemonade from the bottles with straws.I do remember my childhood very fondly.



How does your mum feel about the book?

She's fine about it.My family have nothing to hide,they never have.When the stories came out, we werent worried because we never let anything get to us



But you say in your book that reading about your family in the papers was your worst X factor experience.

Of course it did upset me, but it didn't bother me.At times I feel guilty because if I hadn't entered X factor, all those stories would not have came out. I feel dreadful that because of me they have been dragged through the press,particularly when half they say is untrue.The papers laid into my brother Martin, even though he had been acquited,and I can't tell you how guilty I felt.I apologised over and over and told him it would be chip-paper in the mornin, but as time has gone by I've seen how the media works and I know that it doesnt end there.When the story about my dad came out,I hadnt been in touvh with him for ages, and I suppose I'd blanked a lot of it from my mind,which meant I hadn't told a lot of people about it.Dad is in prison-thats the bottom line.It isn't long until he gets out,but the horrible thing is that when he does the papers will try to find him and he will be splashed all over them again.I haven't written my dad of, but I don't want to visit him and I don't have any contact.Out of all the stories that were written that was the worst,because it was untrue.

但你在書裡寫道,在報紙上讀到關於你家人的負面報道,這是你參與X Factor最難受的經歷。

這件事當然讓我感到很不高興,但是我不覺得這件事會影響到我什麼。有時候我會感到內疚,因為如果我沒有參加X Factor的話,這些報道永遠都不會出現的。我感到很難受,因為我的緣故,我的家人都給捲入到媒體炒作裡面,尤其是其中很多報道都不是真實的。那些報紙猛烈地攻擊我哥哥Martin,儘管後來他得以平反,但你不知道我有多麼內疚。我一次次地道歉,跟他說這種報紙到了第二天就會變成廢紙的。但隨著時間推移,我理解到媒體是如何操作了,我知道這些報道不會那麼容易就消失的。當關於我爸爸的報道出來的時候,我跟他已經很沒聯繫過了,我想我頭腦裡是自動忽略了關於他的那些事情吧,這就是說我很少跟其他人說過他的事情。爸爸是在監獄裡——這就是我的底線。他很快就要出獄,但可怕的是他出來的時候,媒體肯定會想方設法把他找出來,然後他肯定又會給曝光在公眾面前。我沒說過我爸爸什麼壞話,但我不想去拜訪他,我不想跟他有什麼接觸。在所有這些負面報道之中,這個就讓我難受的,因為媒體說的都不是事實。

After your dad left home when you were 10 years old,you say in your book that it would have been easy to go the wrong route-robbing cars,damaging property,drinking-what stopped you??

I just realised that there was more to life than hanging about the streets and being foolish.I always wanted to grow up and earn a living out of respect for my mum,mainly.



You say that when you were young because the family had so little money,if you found 50pyou felt loaded.How do you feel no


When I was a child to find 50p was amazing!This line of work is great because you can make soem money but you have to work hard for it.



The fancy parties,the fancy clothes-it's far from that you were reared

To be honest,the fancy parties and the fancy clothes-they dont interest me one bit.Don't get me wrong,I have been invited to parties and I have gone and I have enjoyed them but it wouldn't bother me if I lost all those perks tomorrow



Your girlfriend and two sisters also auditioned for X factor;are they a little envious of your success?

They all have their own dreams and ambitions but I suppose they must be a little envious because they look and think I'm living the life but they don't understand how hard it is. Jetting off to South Africa and China sounds great, but it's exhasting.

你的女朋友和兩個姐姐都參加過X Factor的面試;她們有沒有嫉妒過你的成功?


Do you feel guilty that you have been so lucky in your career while many others have not?

No because it's not down to luck.If you can sing,you get put through X factor-if you can't, you don't.A lot of people discredit us because we come from a talent show and I think that is completely wrong.Why should we not be given respect? I am very proud to come from a talent show.


不會,因為這並不歸功於運氣。如果你會唱歌,你就能接受X Factor的挑戰——如果你不會,那你就接受不了。許多人都看不起我們,因為我們是歌唱選秀節目出身的,我認為這完全是一種錯誤的想法。為什麼我們不能得到尊重?我很自豪自己是選秀節目出身的。

Tell us about your girlfriend Faye?

I met Faye when I was 18 and we have been together ever since.At the moment she's starring in Hollyoaks in the city and she has just finished her last year in University.Faye is a very honest person and very easygoing and she accepts what I do.



What does it feel like to stand on stage,the light in your eyes and the audience like putty in your hands?

It's an amazing feeling.It sort of makes you feel accepted,as tought all those people are there for you.It's a great confidence booster.It makes me sad thinking that this could end tomorrow.I don't think I have made it,that's why I'm working so hard.



Carrer longevity-how do you plan to achieve it?

Just carry on doing what i'm doing that's all I can do.I don't want to look too far ahead.I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow,never mind in five years time.



From the 21st to the 24th of January you will play in the point in Dublin and then on the 26th and the 27th you will play Millstreet,Cork.What can the fans expect?

The Irish can expect a fantastic show.I am so looing forward to the tour,I feel as tough I've been waiting ages for it.The support I have got from the Irish has been amazing.



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