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Lesson10 The loss of Titanic

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The great ship, Titanic, sailed for New York from Southampton on April 10th, 1912. She was carrying 1316 passengers and a crew of 89l. Even by modern standards, the 46,000 ton Titanic was a colossal ship. At that time, however, she was not only the largest ship that had ever been built, but was regarded as unsinkable, for she had sixteen water- tight compartments. Even if two of these were flooded, she would still be able to float. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered, for she went down on her first voyage with heavy loss of life.

Four days after setting out, while the Titanic was sailing across the icy waters of the North Atlantic, a huge iceberg was suddenly spotted by a look-out. After the alarm had been given, the great ship turned sharply to avoid a direct collision. The Titanic turned just in time, narrowly missing the immense wall of ice which rose over 100 feet out of the water beside her. Suddenly, there was a slight trembling sound from below, and the captain went down to see what had happened. The noise had been so faint that no one thought that the ship had been damaged. Below, the captain realized to his horror that the Titanic was sinking rapidly, for five of her sixteen water-tight compartments had already been flooded ! The order to abandon ship was given and hundreds of people plunged into the icy water. As there were not enough life-boats for everybody, 1500 lives were lost.

New words and expressions生词和短语

Southampton(1. 1)/[sauθ'æmptən] n.南安普敦(英国港市)





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if two ofsixteen watertight compartment were flooded, the ship would still be able to float.
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Even if two ofthe sixteen water- tight compartments were flooded, the Titanic would still be able to float.
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watertight 不漏水的

voyage 航行

tragic 悲惨的

liner 班船


collision 碰撞
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i like this film
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slightfaintspot unsinkable liner crew
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fliing catsno shortagefascinateaffectionate submissvesuspicious
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very good
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