Lesson 74 Out of the limelight 舞台之外

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Lesson 74 Out of the limelight 舞台之外

First listen and then answer the question.


Why was their disguise 'too perfect'?

An ancient bus stopped by a dry river bed and a party of famous actors and actresses got off. Dressed in dark glasses and old clothes, they had taken special precautions so that no one should recognize them. But as they soon discovered, disguises can sometimes be too perfect.

'This is a wonderful place for a picnic,' said Gloria Gleam.

'It couldn't be better, Gloria,' Brinksley Meers agreed. 'No newspaper men, no film fans! Why don't we come more often?'

Meanwhile, two other actors, Rockwall Slinger and Merlin Greeves, had carried two large food baskets to a shady spot under some trees. When they had all made themselves comfortable, a stranger appeared. He looked very angry. 'Now you get out of here, all of you!' he shouted. 'I'm sheriff here. Do you see that notice? It says "No Camping" -- in case you can't read!'

'Look, sheriff,' said Rockwall, 'don't be too hard on us. I'm Rockwall Slinger and this is Merlin Greeves.'

'Oh, is it?' said the sheriff with a sneer. 'Well, I'm Brinksley Meers, and my other name is Gloria Gleam. Now you get out of here fast!'

limelight   [ˈlaimlait]   n. 舞台灯光

precaution  [priˈkɔ:ʃən]  n. 预防措施

fan  [fæn]  n. 狂热者,迷

shady  [ˈʃeidi]  adj. 遮荫的

sheriff  [ˈʃerif]  n. 司法长官

notice   [ˈnəutis]   n. 告示

sneer  [sniə]  n. 冷笑








课文详注 Further notes on the text

1. Out of the limelight,(标题)舞台之外。


She has been in the limelight since she became an actress.


Although he is a government official, he tries to keep out of the limelight.


2. An ancient bus stopped by a dry river bed and a party of famous actors and actresses got off.一辆古旧的汽车停在一条干涸的河床边,一群著名男女演员下了车。


Where did you find that ancient dress?


(2)river bed指河床,名词 river作形容词用,类似的还有 flower bed(花坛)等。

(3)party作量词用时表示“一行”、“一伙”、“一群”等,如 a party of tourists/boys(一群旅游者/男孩)等。

3. No newspaper men, no film fans! 没有记者,没有影迷!

这是个省略句,完整的句子为:There are no newspaper men and no film fans! 这里的 no与用于公告牌上的 no是有区别的。

4. why don't we come more often? 我们为什么不经常来这里呢?


I don't like this watch.


Then why don't you change it?


5. When they had all made themselves comfortable…当他们都已安排舒适时……

许多动词都可以与宾语+宾语补足语连用,如drive, get, find, keep, leave, like, make, open, paint, prefer, pull, want, wipe 等:

Aeroplanes are slowly driving me mad.


He found the test difficult.


6. Now you get out of here…你们都从这里走开……

now在这里是加强命令口气的语气词,get out of here是语气较重的说话方式,表示“滚出去”、“滚开”。

7. in case you can't read,除非你们不识字。

in case表示“假使”、“万一……的话”、“免得”、“以防万一”。它通常用于引导条件或目的状语从句。当句子表示将来的时间时,in case后面必须用现在时态或should/might:

I'm taking a raincoat with me in case I need it.


In case he comes/should come, give him this letter.


8. don't be too hard on us,别使我们难堪。

be bard on表“对……(过分)严厉”,为固定短语:

Don't be too hard on that child.


He is always hard on his employees.


9. Well, I'm Brinksley Meers, and my other name is Gloria Gleam. 好,我就是布林克斯利•米尔斯。我还有一个名字叫格洛利亚•格利姆。


词汇学习 Word study



(1)get out的基本含义是“(使)出去/出来”,其反义词为 get into:

Every time the dog wanted to get out, it would bark.


It can get into the garden quite easily now.


Why don't you get the dog out?


get out用于祈使句时可以表示“走开”、“滚开”等:

Now you get out of here fast!


Get out! I don't want to see you any more.


(2)get on的含义之一为“前进”、“进展”(与 get along同义):

He is getting on quite well in his new job.


get on表示“继续干”以及“相处融洽”时,后面经常与 with连用:

Tom talked with his brother for a while, and then got on with his homework.


Jack and Ian can't get on with each other.



Please help me to get the box off the boot.


When he got the lid off the box, he saw a man lying in it.


get off连用可以表示“没受重伤/重罚而逃脱”,后面经常与 with连用:

I can hardly believe that the thief got off with just a warning.


(4)get over的含义之一是“恢复过来”、“痊愈”:

Has your mother got over her illness?


get over表示“解决/结束(某件不愉快但必要做的事)”时,常与with连用:

They wanted to get the job over as quickly as possible.


(5)get through可以表示“通过(考试、测验等)”:

Have you got through your driving test last week ?

你上星期通过驾驶执照考试了吗?get through还可以表示“吃掉”、“喝完”、“用光”等:

Fancy Helen getting through all the food!



公共标语通常字数很少,语言精练。在表示“禁止……”时往往用 no+名词/动名词或名词短语,如: No Camping(禁止野营), No smoking(禁止吸烟), No Parking(禁止停车), No Left Turn (禁止左转弯)。在真正的公告牌上,这些标语往往全部用大写字母,不加标点,如 NO SMOKING等。


183811191 发表于 2008-6-5 10:20:01
Why was their disguise 'too perfect'?

After they had taken special precoution, no one should recognize them. so they soon discovered that their disguise be too perfect.
loveto 发表于 2010-6-28 08:41:18
1.The bus stopped by a dry river bed and a party of famous actors and actresses got off.

2.They were dressed in dark glasses and old clothes because they didn't want to be recognized.

3.They planned to have a picnic.

4.No, they didn't. Because a sheriff appeared and ordered them to move out immediately.
lvsuoguo 发表于 2011-11-11 22:13:07
Do you know in UK pop stars also pay high prices for the previlege they enjoy,for exampe, they lose their private lives?
human 发表于 2012-1-5 10:41:11
andy3632004 发表于 2015-1-26 12:05:27
Why was their disguise 'too perfect'? Because the people can't recognize them
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The woman's record sounds a little bit weird
onlylaoda 发表于 2020-3-6 21:38:46
thank you for sharing
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thanks for sharing!
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