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Here you can see a Brazilian baby.


Cute, huh?


And he isn't just a baby.


It's a baby citizen.


Once we are born, voila!


Magically, we are already citizens, right?


Partially right, at least for me.


Yes, we do have rights, duties, we belong to a nation.

是的,我们确实有权利和义务, 我们属于一个国家。

When growing up, we are probably going to pay taxes and to vote.


And all these are well-known characteristics for good citizens.


And indeed they are relevant, they are true.


But thinking just this way, we are reducing a beautiful concept of citizenship.

但是这样想, 我们简化了公民身份的美好概念。

Because citizenship is way more than that, and I'll explain why soon.

因为公民身份远不止于此, 我马上会解释原因。

By the way, I am this baby.




I mean, I was.


And I was smiling in this picture because mommy told me that I would be a great citizen one day.

照片中的我在微笑, 是因为妈妈告诉我 有一天我会成为一个伟大的公民。



And I would do a TED Talk to share my ideas.




But unfortunately, this is not true.


My mom never told me that.


How could she?


No one prepared her to be a citizen.


Then she wouldn't know what is to be a great one, right?

所以她不知道怎样才是 伟大的公民,对吧?

People in my country are mostly individuals rather than citizens, like my mom and myself in the past.

我国人民大多是个人而非公民, 就像过去的我妈妈和我自己一样。

And that's the point here.


The unpreparedness for citizenship is the most democratic behavior among us Brazilians.

对公民身份的准备不足 是我们巴西人中最民主的行为。

It doesn't matter where you came from, your gender, your age, your professional background, or any other thing.

不管你来自哪里, 你的性别,你的年龄, 你的专业背景或任何其他东西。

The probability that you are a prepared citizen is really low.

你成为有准备的 公民的可能性非常低。

And for the context, I am 30 years old and our constitution is just 35.

就背景而言,我今年 30 岁, 我们的宪法只有 35 岁。

So it's really new, right?


We are still figuring out how to be a democracy.

我们仍在研究 如何成为一个民主国家。

You probably already got my point here.


We are not baby citizens, no one is born as a citizen.

我们不是小公民, 没有人天生就是公民。

We are just individuals.


And citizenship is something that we might conquer through life experiences.

公民身份是我们可以 通过生活经历征服的东西。

Citizenship requires effort.


We need to acquire knowledge.


We need to pass through real life experiences where we put our hands on.

我们需要通过实际的生活经验, 那些亲历亲为的经验。

And maybe we can be called a citizen one day.


And that's my idea worth spreading here.


The only takeaway I want you to bring back home is the reflection about you being a citizen or just an individual.

我唯一想让你带回家的 就是关于你是一个公民或者 仅仅是一个个体的思考。

And for those who think that can strengthen your journey to be a better citizen or to start being a citizen,

那些认为这样可以增加经验以成为 更好公民或开始成为公民的人,

I have here the citizen metamorphosis process to share with you.

我想在这里与大家分享 公民蜕变的过程。

It's just four ingredients, it's really basic stuff.

它只有四个要素, 确实是基本的因素。

You're going to see that there is nothing mind-blowing there.


What is mind-blowing in my ingredients is that we are just not putting them in practice, and I don't know why.

令人难以置信的仅仅是, 我们只是没有将它们付诸实践, 也不知道为什么。

They are simple, fun and necessary.


But before entering the citizen metamorphosis process, I need to align with you three assumptions.

但是在进入公民蜕变过程之前, 我需要调整三个假设。

Citizenship for Gabriel in my conception is about solving public problems.

在我看来,加布里埃尔的公民身份 是解决公共问题。

So if you're not going toward solving things that are bothering you in society,

因此,如果你不打算解决 社会上困扰你的问题,

if you're not choosing a problem that resonates with your heart and with your mind and really try to solve it, you are not a citizen for me.

如果你不选择一个能引起你内心 和思想共鸣的问题 , 并真正努力解决这个问题, 那么你就不是我所说的公民。

Secondly, the state is not a hero.


We rely and we expect a lot of things, that someone is going to solve our problems, especially the state, in some countries.

我们期望很多东西, 依赖有人来解决我们的问题, 在有些地方,尤其是国家的问题。

And the state, of course, is important, but it's just one actor.

当然,国家很重要, 但它只是其中一个参与者。

We need to unite all sectors to solve public problems together.

我们需要团结所有部门, 共同解决公共问题。

And finally, we are a complex society.


We can see wicked problems everywhere, every day.


Just take a look at the UN agenda for 2030.

看看联合国 2030 年的议程就知道了。

Maybe we are just copy and pasting the SDGs and trying again because we are failing a lot.

也许我们只是复制并粘贴 可持续发展目标然后再试一次, 因为我们失败了很多次。

So we need to solve public problems together.


That's about being a citizen.


So now I have my ingredients here to share with you.


It's just four.


Nothing mind-blowing there.


Remember, basic stuff.


In Brazil, we like to call basic stuff as the rice and the beans.

在巴西,我们喜欢把基本的东西 称为黑豆饭。

It's a delicious dish that we eat a lot.


So we need to look forward for the rice and the beans to do something as citizens.

因此,作为公民,我们期待 黑豆饭能有所作为。

First, political knowledge.


We are raised listening to bad things about politics, right?


It's something that is corrupted, it's boring, it's difficult to understand, so we must avoid it.

这是一种腐败、无聊、难以理解的东西, 所以我们必须避开它。

That's wrong.


Politics is beautiful, and it's a beauty tool for transformation.

政治是美好的, 也是变革的美好工具。

But we need to understand how to use it.


And when you dive into this concept, you need to acquire the basic knowledge to understand your country, how your country is organized,

当你深入研究这个概念时, 你需要获得基础知识 来了解你的国家, 你的国家是如何组织的,

which institutions are there, what they do, what are the political parties, the ideologies, why you're paying taxes, where your money is going.

有哪些机构, 它们在做什么,政党是什么, 意识形态, 你为什么要纳税, 你的钱去哪里。

All these basic answers you must have to be a citizen.

成为一个公民, 你必须了解所有这些基本答案。

If you don't have it, you need to look forward for it.

如果你没有掌握这些, 则需要拭目以待。

Especially in a world of misinformation, this gets quite important.

尤其是在一个充满错误信息的世界中, 这变得非常重要。

So political knowledge as the first ingredient.


The second one is plural dialogue.


It's really comfortable to talk about people we love and we agree with.


And finding divergency, people that will make us feel uncomfortable somehow is just making us grow.

而发现分歧, 让我们感到不舒服的人 只会促使我们成长。

Going outside the bubbles, the echo chambers and all this.


It's important, and I promise you, you're going to learn something new.

这很重要,我向你保证, 你会学到新东西。

It's not about tolerating everything and agreeing with everything people will say,

这不是要容忍所有事情, 认同人们所说的一切,

but it's about trying to understand how they got to this perspective and what can you learn from them.

而是试图理解 他们是如何得出这种观点, 以及你能从他们那里学到什么。

Thirdly, we have civic empathy, and I bet you've been listening to the word empathy a lot recently.

第三,我们有公民同理心, 我敢打赌你最近经常 听同理心这个词。

But I'm not talking about empathy with human beings.


That, of course, is something important.


But are we exercising empathy with our neighborhood, with our community, with our city?

但是,我们是否对街区、社区、 城市表现出同理心?

Trying to see our city as a human being for a moment and understand there's emotions there, (suffering).

尝试将我们的城市看作一个人, 理解那里的情绪,痛苦。

We need to help it to be better and to identify our city gaps is our role as citizens and acknowledge that all problems that are surrounding us and that are bothering us,

我们需要帮助它变得更好, 识别我们的城市差距 是我们作为公民的职责, 承认围绕并困扰我们的所有问题

we made them.


Somehow, we contributed to the existence of these problems.

不知何故,我们助长了 这些问题的存在。

So this is civic empathy.


And finally, community protagonism.


And I love this, because what is the point of having knowledge, knowing how to dialogue, understanding your city gaps,

我喜欢这个, 如果不动手,拥有知识,知道如何对话,

if you're not putting your hands on to do something?


And these beautiful words here tell us two things: community first.

这里的这些漂亮的话 告诉我们两件事:社区第一。

You need to look local and then maybe you can go global.

你需要把目光投向本地, 然后也许你可以走向全球。

The big revolution comes from small revolution.


So look to your community and that's good.


And protagonism because you have the power.


You can do whatever you want, you just need to move on for it.

你可以做任何你想做的事, 你只需要继续前进即可。

So I've been applying this recipe for a long time in two civil society organizations I cofounded in Brazil with my team.

我应用这个秘诀已有很长时间了, 在巴西我与团队 共同创立的两个民间社会组织中。

And I can assure you that it's possible to mix up these ingredients and do a good recipe where you're going to take people that are just individuals,

我可以向你保证,把这些要素 组合起来形成一个好方案是可行的, 你要把那些个体、

spectators, and bring them to a side where they can find themselves as change makers, as solvers, as citizens.

旁观者带到另一边, 让他们发现自己 是变革者、解决者、公民。

And especially we do this better when we design a journey that is simple, fun, meaningful and tangible.

尤其当我们设计一个简单、有趣、 有意义和切实的过程时,会做得更好。

Creating safe spaces where people really feel that they belong and that we can embrace mistakes as part of the process.

创造安全的空间, 让人们真正感受到归属感, 我们可以将错误视为过程的一部分。

And here are the kind of things that you can see possible after being trained for citizenship.

以下是你在接受公民身份培训后 可以看到的事情。

You can teach other people about the political knowledge that you just acquired.

你可以向其他人传授 刚刚获得的政治知识。

You can put people to dialogue, facilitating conversations about tough topics where people are going to broaden their tolerance and open their minds.

你可以让人们参与对话, 化解棘手话题的对话, 在这些话题中, 人们将扩大容忍度并开放思想。

You can do awareness campaigns to put emphasis and spreading messages that are relevant for you.

你可以开展宣传活动来强调 和传播与你相关的信息。

You can monitor the government and work with it as peers to improve your society.

你可以监督政府, 并以同行身份与之合作, 推动社会进步。

You can formulate local diagnosis of public problems to understand your city gaps, and put in practice the civic empathy that I just told you.

你可以构想公共问题的地方性解决方案, 以了解你所在城市的差距, 并将我刚才告诉你的公民同理心 付诸实践。

You can use these city gaps to create public policies from scratch using our methodology, for example,

例如,你可以利用这些城市差距, 使用我们的方法从头开始制定公共政策,

that is free and available for everybody online.

这种方法是免费的, 所有人都可以在线使用。

Telling people what is the life cycle of a public policy.


You can take your ideas as public policies and advocate in your municipality, doing some kind of lobby to see your ideas coming through.

你可以把自己的想法当作公共政策, 在市政当局进行宣传, 进行某种游说, 让你的想法付诸实践。

And that's precisely the spotlight that I want to put here, because we all were taught that the state,

这正是我想在这里聚焦的点, 因为我们都被告知 国家

the government has this monopoly of building these public policies.

和政府在制定这些公共政策 方面拥有这种垄断地位。

And everybody here can be a policymaker, not just policy takers.

在座的每个人都可以成为政策制定者, 而不仅仅是政策接受者。

Magda and Vitor, for example,


developed a public policy where they created a mobile application to help the elderly to find their rights really easily and also access to basic services in their municipality.

制定了一项公共政策, 他们创建了一个移动应用程序, 以帮助老年人真正轻松地 行使自己的权利, 获得所在城市的基本服务。

The proposal was approved by the city council, and it's just awaiting for the executive branch to approve the budget.

该提案已获得市议会的批准, 正在等待行政部门批准预算。

They did that from scratch.


Secondly, we have Rafael.

其次,还有拉斐尔( Rafael)。

That, in the other hand, created the skateboarding week.


Besides being an Olympic sport now, it's really important for kids in Brazil to have better opportunities.

除了现在成为一项奥林匹克运动外, 对于巴西的孩子来说, 有更好的机会真的很重要。

So he presented to the city councilor, they approved and it's happening in his town now.

因此,他向市议员提交了议案, 他们批准了议案, 现在他所在的城镇正在实施。

Finally, we have Folashade.

最后,是弗拉夏德( Folashade )。

She just presented a public policy to stimulate the cultural tourism in her region,

她刚刚提出了一项刺激所在地区 文化旅游业的公共政策,

putting the original and traditional communities into the center of the process of creating courses and experiences to the tourists.

在为游客创造课程和体验的过程中, 将原始和传统社区置于中心。

The proposal hasn't been approved yet, but has been presented.

该提案尚未获得批准, 但已经提出。

The first step has been taken.


We must celebrate it.


If all these people, and baby Gabriel, now a man, became citizens and are involved  in solving public problems, everyone can be one as well.

如果所有这些人, 以及现在是男人的小加布里埃尔, 成为公民并参与解决公共问题, 那么每个人也可以合而为一。

But the reason why I brought my baby image here is not because I found myself beautiful.

但我之所以把自己的婴儿照片 带到这里, 并不是因为我觉得自己很漂亮。

It's because we all need to remember that the systemic change will only happen when we start raising our kids as citizens since the beginning.

这是因为我们都需要记住, 只有当我们从一开始就以公民身份 抚养孩子时,系统性变革才会发生。

Politics, democracy, citizenship are not concepts that are out there that we can't touch.

政治、民主、公民身份 不是我们无法触及的概念。

We need to feel them, we need to live them.

我们需要感知他们, 我们需要活在其中。

They are a set of values that we need to cultivate inside us since the beginning.

它们是我们从一开始就需要 在内心培养的一套价值观。

It's a lifetime project.


Remember, citizenship cannot be taken for granted.

请记住,不能将 公民身份视为理所当然。

You must deserve it.


You must conquer it.


Citizenship must be earned.


See you on the other side.


Thank you so much.





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