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This actually weirdly feels like a hug.这感觉真的很奇怪,就像是真实的拥抱一样。The impossible made possible by the metaverse, hugging someone who's in a different country.虚幻世界让不可能成为可能,能够让用户拥抱一个身在异国他乡的人。But what if you could take it a step further and connect with someone who's not even alive?但是,如果你能更进一步,与一个甚至已经不在人世的人建立联系呢?One company wants to make that happen.有一家公司希望实现这一目标。All right I'll give you the headset.我把耳机给你。The first step is to put on your headset select your avatar and enter the metaverse.第一步是戴上耳机,选择你的头像,然后进入虚拟世界。This virtual world is called Somnium Space.这个虚拟世界被称为睡眠空间。You can meet people, buy and sell virtual goods and even play games.你可以结识朋友,买卖虚拟商品,甚至玩游戏。It is right, yes.对了,真不错。All those buildings are, some of them are museums, some of them are disco clubs, headquarters for some companies.所有这些建筑都是虚拟的,其中一些是博物馆,一些是迪斯科俱乐部,一些公司的总部。Whatever people imagine to build, they build here.无论人们想要建造什么,他们都可以在这里建造。Artur created this virtual world.阿图尔创造了这个虚拟世界。Now he's introducing a new feature called "live forever mode", an AI tool that learns how you talk and behave, so it can replicate you after you die.现在,他正在推出一项名为“永生模式”的新功能,这是一种人工智能工具,可以学习你的说话和行为方式,这样它就可以在用户死后对其进行复制。You can record yourself in VR, your movement, your voice, even your biometrics and then recreate your digital twin inside virtual space.你可以在VR中记录你自己,你的动作,你的声音,甚至你的生物识别,然后在虚拟空间中重建你的数字孪生兄弟。Whether you're still alive or you died, your digital twin can actually continue living, inside that space and others can interact with that.无论你是活着还是死了,你的数字孪生兄弟实际上都可以继续生活在这个空间里,其他人可以与之互动。Hey there I'm actually Artur a digital twin.嘿,是阿图尔,一个数码双胞胎。No I'm Artur you're not Artur, who are you?不,我是阿图尔,你不是阿图尔,你是谁?Haha I can see you're trying to start a joke there.哈哈,我看得出来你在开玩笑。It seems like you might have gotten cut off.你好像断网了。Artur was inspired to develop this feature after his father was diagnosed with cancer.在他的父亲被诊断出患有癌症后,阿图尔受到启发开发了这一功能。It led me to think about what could this technology do for people and how can we make sure,这让我思考这项技术能为人们做些什么,我们如何确保遗产得以保留并传下去,that the legacy stays and prevails and keeps kind of going from one generation to another.并在某种程度上代代相传。So who actually wants to live online forever?那么,谁真的想在网上获得永生呢?We met up with users in the metaverse who want to try it out.我们在虚拟实境中遇到了想要尝试它的用户。If people were actually able to talk to me, you know get to know me,如果人们真的能够和我交谈,能够了解我,instead of having to hear me like you know from thirdhand accounts or fourth hand accounts, and not really know who I am,而不需要从第三手或第四手账户那里听到我的声音,根本不了解真正的我,especially if they're a member of my family.如果他们是我的家庭成员的话更是如此。Do you have any concern about after you're no longer able to control it, what would happen to the avatar that you've created?你有没有担心在你不能再控制它之后,你创造的化身会发生什么?If it ever goes rogue, then I really don't know what to do.如果它失去控制,我真的不知道该怎么办。The only thing I can really do is build a good base that has a good example to learn from.我唯一能做的就是建立一个很好的基地,有一个很好的榜样可以学习。Back in the real world, the company is preparing to roll out the feature later this year.回到现实世界,该公司正准备在今年晚些时候推出这一功能。But there are still details to iron out.但仍有一些细节需要解决。Somnium Space say they don't keep any of the data used to train your avatar here at their base in Prague.睡眠空间公司表示,他们在布拉格的基地没有保存任何用于训练用户化身的数据。It's all stored on your computer at home which means you have full control over it.它都存储在你家里的电脑上,这意味着你可以完全控制它。The question now is who takes over when you're no longer around?现在的问题是,当你不在的时候,谁来接手?If a bad actor were to get hold of information soon after a death,如果用户死后不久,在其家人有机会弄清楚数字遗产发生了什么之前,before the family has any chance of figuring out what's going on with a digital estate, that person could be impersonated,一个坏的角色就掌握了信息,这个人可能会进行冒充,our data could be manipulated, perhaps even in a way where we could continue our former employment,我们的数据可能会被操纵,甚至可能会冒充继续以前的运行方式,whether your family will see any monies from that is open to question, because there's no regulation around this.你的家人是否会从中得到任何钱,这都是值得商榷的,围绕这一点也并没有监管。As time goes on, technology will allow us to connect with dead loved ones in ways we didn't think were possible before.随着时间的推移,技术将允许我们以一种我们以前认为不可能的方式与死去的亲人联系。But we also have to prepare for that to have consequences we don't even know about yet.但我们也必须为此做好准备,以应对我们甚至还不知道的后果。Arthi Nachiappan Sky News in Prague.新闻记者于布拉格报道。


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