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温柔舒缓的《Rest Assured》,很适合当婚礼BGM

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Rest Assured

Used to hold my secrets in when we first began初次相遇 我将秘密埋藏于心底Pouring out my heart just wasn't part of the plan泄露心事 还未归于计划里But I know但是我懂This love is for sure这份爱很真切And now I can open up without feeling insecure现在的我可以尽情诉说 毫无畏惧Yeah是的Never knew that we could become more than just friends从未想过我们之间能不只是保持着朋友的关系I was out of luck but you still gave me a chance我常常失意 运气不佳 而你却愿给我这次机会I won't go我永远不会离你而去Cus with you l'm home和你在一起 才是家的感觉When the flowers are blooming girl you just can't ignore鲜花盛开 争奇斗艳 可你却美得让我目不转睛Suddenly I'm not afraid to show忽然之间 表达这一切都变得不值一提了I'm taking the past and letting it go和过去和解 让一切顺其自然I'll make you believe我会让你相信Just know that I won't ever leave you rest assured我不会离开你 这一点请放心Cus l, l know that forever's not enough因为我明白仅仅是永远还不够But I'll be by your side when time's get rough无论多大艰难险阻 我也会伴你左右My heart is all yours to keep我的心 为你跳动I'm yours for the taking我的人 为你存在Cuz you're all l've been waiting for因为你就是我一直在等的那个人Rest assured你尽管放心

Used to get all nervous第一次牵起你的手时When I first held your hand我无比慌乱紧张Little did I know那时还不知道You'd turn me to a better man是你让我成为了一个更好的男人Mi Amor亲爱的It's you I adore我的挚爱And all of this time一直以来I spent with you got me wanting more我想要的 不仅仅是和你待在一起Yeah是啊Can't believe I used to walk around and pretend我曾左右徘徊 假装不在乎 此刻想想真的难以置信Til you came around and let me be who I am直到你来到我身边 我做回了自己There's no way我绝对不会That I wouldn't stay不会停留在过去And girl you should know that I still feel the same亲爱的女孩 你应该明白我也有同样的感觉Suddenly l'm not afraid to show忽然之间 我有了勇气要告诉你I'm taking the past and letting it go我在挥别过去 奔赴未来I'll make you believe我要让你相信Just know that I won't ever leave you rest assured我不会离开 这一点请你明白Cus I, I know that forever's not enough因为于我而言 永远还不足够But I'll be by your side when time's get rough纵使时过境迁 荆棘满布 而你还有我My heart is all yours to keep心 为你跳动I'm yours for the taking我 为你存在Cuz you're all I've been waiting for只此一生 都在等待的就是你Rest assured请你安心落意


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