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A new study has found that tools designed to warn drivers and automatically stop vehicles in emergency situations helped reduce crashes by about 50 percent.一项新的研究发现,用于警告司机并在紧急情况下自动停车的工具有助于减少约50%的撞车事故。

The study is one of the largest of its kind to examine the effectiveness of driver assistance systems.这项研究是同类研究中最大的一项,目的是检查驾驶辅助系统的有效性。

The research was carried out by the Partnership for Analytics Research in Traffic Safety (PARTS).这项研究是由交通安全分析研究伙伴关系(Parts)进行的。

The organization is a partnership between automakers and the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.该组织是汽车制造商和美国交通部国家公路交通安全管理局之间的合作伙伴关系。

For the study, numerous automobile manufacturers supplied vehicle equipment data on 93 different vehicle models from 2015 to 2020.在这项研究中,众多汽车制造商提供了2015年至2020年93种不同车型的车辆设备数据。

This information was combined with data collected on more than 12 million police-reported crashes in 13 American states.这些信息与美国13个州1200多万起警方报告的车祸数据相结合。

One of the technologies studied is called forward collision warning.其中一种被研究的技术称为前向碰撞警告。

Collison is another word for crash.Collison是crash(碰撞)的另一种说法。

This system uses cameras, radar and other technology tools to gather information on safe driving distances.该系统使用摄像头、雷达和其他技术工具来收集有关安全驾驶距离的信息。

It warns drivers if their vehicle is getting too close to other vehicles ahead.如果他们的车辆与前面的其他车辆靠得太近,它会向司机发出警告。

Another related driver assistance tool is known as automatic emergency braking.另一个相关的驾驶辅助工具是自动紧急制动。

This system is designed to identify possible crash dangers involving vehicles ahead.该系统旨在识别前方车辆可能发生的碰撞危险。

The tool can automatically slow or stop a vehicle if it senses the immediate danger of a crash.如果该工具感觉到撞车的直接危险,它可以自动减速或停止车辆。

The PARTS group's study found that front to rear crashes were reduced by 49 percent when the striking vehicle had both forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking.PARTS小组的研究发现,当碰撞车辆同时具备前方碰撞预警和自动紧急制动功能时,前后碰撞事故减少了49%。

The systems also reduced crashes resulting in injuries by 53 percent.该系统还减少了53%的事故伤害。

The research also suggested automatic braking systems perform well in many situations, including poor weather and low light conditions.研究还表明,自动刹车系统在许多情况下都表现良好,包括恶劣的天气和光线较弱的条件。

The study also found that vehicles equipped with technologies designed to keep vehicles in their driving lane "are effective in reducing single-vehicle crashes that lead to serious injuries."该研究还发现,配备了旨在保持车辆在其行驶车道上的技术的车辆“有效地减少了导致严重伤害的单车碰撞”。

Many carmakers now include this kind of technology on some vehicle models.许多汽车制造商现在在一些车型上采用了这种技术。

It is designed to automatically keep a vehicle centered in lanes of traffic.它的设计是为了自动保持车辆在车道的中心位置。

The study found these tools reduced crashes involving vehicles leaving the roadway by eight percent.研究发现,这些工具减少了8%的车辆离开道路的交通事故。

Tim Czapp is an industry representative on the PARTS board.蒂姆·查普是PARTS委员会的行业代表。

He also serves as a top executive at the Europe-based auto group Stellantis.他还担任总部位于欧洲的汽车集团斯特兰蒂斯的高管。

He said in a statement that the latest study shows the driver assist technologies "can substantially reduce the number of crashes and improve safety outcomes."他在一份声明中说,最新的研究表明,驾驶员辅助技术“可以大幅减少撞车事故的数量,提高安全性。”

Czapp added that the results demonstrate "real-world effectiveness" that can help prevent injuries and loss of life.查普补充说,研究结果证明了“现实世界的有效性”,可以帮助防止受伤和生命损失。

A separate study recently provided similar results.最近的另一项研究也得出了类似的结果。

That study centered on crashes involving pickup trucks.这项研究的重点是涉及皮卡的交通事故。

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) carried out the study.公路安全保险研究所(IIHS)进行了这项研究。

It found that automatic emergency braking systems reduced rear crash rates for pickups by 43 percent.研究发现,自动紧急制动系统使皮卡的尾部碰撞率降低了43%。

The study involved numerous pickup truck models and data from police-reported crashes in 25 states from 2017 to 2020.这项研究涉及了2017年至2020年25个州的大量皮卡车型和警方报告的撞车数据。

Jessica Cicchino led the IIHS research.杰西卡·西奇诺领导了IIHS的研究。

She noted in a statement that pickups currently make up 1 of every 5 passenger vehicles on U.S. roads.她在一份声明中指出,目前美国道路上每5辆乘用车中就有1辆是皮卡。

Since these vehicles are larger and heavier, it can "make them dangerous to people in smaller vehicles or on foot," Cicchino said.西奇诺说,由于这些车辆更大、更重,这可能会使它们对乘坐较小车辆或步行的人构成危险。

She added that even though pickup trucks present more danger, "manufacturers have been slow to equip them with automatic emergency braking and other crash avoidance systems."她还说,尽管皮卡的危险性更大,“制造商在为其配备自动紧急制动和其他防撞系统方面一直行动迟缓。”

Cicchino advised that "the faster automakers can make sure that every pickup they sell has this important safety feature, the better."西奇诺建议说:“汽车制造商越快确保他们销售的每一辆皮卡都具备这个重要的安全特性,效果就越好。”

Both new studies confirm the effectiveness of some of the latest driver assistance systems.两项新研究都证实了一些最新的驾驶辅助系统的有效性。

They followed another recent study suggesting that many drivers using such tools often treat their vehicles like they are fully self-driving.在此之前,最近的另一项研究表明,许多使用这类工具的司机经常把他们的车辆视为完全自动驾驶。

That study, also carried out by the IIHS,这项研究也是由IIHS进行的,

warned that drivers who put too much trust in driver assist technologies are putting themselves at risk for serious accidents.它警告说,过于信任驾驶辅助技术的司机将自己置于发生严重事故的风险中。

A majority of drivers in the study said they were more likely to perform non-driving related activities, like eating or texting, while using the tools.研究中的大多数司机表示,他们在使用这些工具时更有可能进行与驾驶无关的活动,比如吃东西或发短信。

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