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About 230 whales beached themselves on the western part of the Australian island of Tasmania.大约230头鲸鱼在澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚岛西部搁浅。

It is the second such incident in recent days.这是最近几天发生的第二起类似事件。

At least half are alive and animal officials are working to rescue them.至少有一半鲸鱼还活着,动物管理人员正在努力营救它们。

They are also trying to understand why the whales got stuck.他们还试图了解鲸鱼被困在那里的原因。

The whales are stuck on Ocean Beach near Macquarie Harbor in the western part of Tasmania.这些鲸鱼被困在塔斯马尼亚州西部的麦夸里港附近的海洋海滩上。

Exactly two years ago, 470 whales became stuck on sand in the same area.整整两年前,470头鲸鱼在同一地点被困在沙滩上。

That time, about 100 whales were saved but the rest died.在当时,大约有100头鲸鱼获救,但其余鲸鱼都死掉了。

The whales are pilot whales, which weigh between 1,000 and 2,000 kilograms and measure over 6 meters.这些鲸鱼是巨头鲸,体重在1000到2000公斤之间,体长超过6米。

The International Whaling Commission says pilot whales are the species that most often is beached in large numbers.国际捕鲸委员会称,巨头鲸是最常大量搁浅的物种。

Some scientists believe it is because they travel in large groups and follow a leader.一些科学家认为,这是因为它们成群结队出没并且跟随着领头鲸。

Tasmania's Department of Natural Resources said a team from the Marine Conservation Program was heading to the area to help the whales.塔斯马尼亚州自然资源部表示,海洋保护计划的一个小组正前往该地区帮助这些搁浅的鲸鱼。

The harbor does not have deep water and its entrance is known by locals as Hell's Gate.该港的水不深,其入口被当地人称为地狱之门。

Linton Kringle is a salmon farmer who helped with the rescue in 2020.林顿·克林格尔是在2020年帮助进行救援工作的一名鲑鱼养殖者。

He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this year's work would be more difficult.他告诉澳大利亚广播公司,今年的救援工作将更加困难。

That time, he said, the whales were in the harbor so people could reach them easily on boats.他说那次搁浅的鲸鱼在该港港口处,所以人们在船上就能很容易地够到它们。

This time, they are outside of the safe area, on a beach, which means it will be harder to get boats near them.这一次,搁浅的鲸鱼在安全区域之外的海滩上,这意味着船只更难靠近它们,将其拉回大海。

"It's too shallow, way too rough.“搁浅位置的水太浅了,处理起来太棘手。

My thoughts would be try to get them onto a vehicle if we can't swim them out," Kringle added.如果不能让它们游出来,我的想法是,试着把它们挪到车上,运到释放地点,”克林格补充道。

Vanessa Pirotta is a wildlife scientist who studies animals like whales and dolphins.瓦妮莎·皮罗塔是一名研究鲸鱼和海豚等动物的野生动物科学家。

She said the fact that the whales have gotten stuck around the same place during the same part of the year suggests "there might be something environmental here".她说,这些鲸鱼在一年中的同一时间被困在同一地方的事实表明,“鲸鱼搁浅的原因可能与环境因素有关”。

There was another incident of whales getting stuck in Tasmania on Monday.周一,塔斯马尼亚州发生了另一起鲸鱼被困事件。

In the northern part of the island state, 14 sperm whales were found on King Island.人们在这个岛州北部的国王岛上发现了14头抹香鲸。

One scientist called that incident even more unusual than the pilot whales getting stuck.一位科学家称这一事件比巨头鲸被困更不寻常。

Olaf Meynecke is a marine scientist at Griffith University in Australia.奥拉夫·梅内克是澳大利亚格里菲斯大学的海洋科学家。

He said warmer ocean temperatures could be forcing the whales into different areas to look for food.他说海洋温度升高可能迫使这些鲸鱼进入不同地区寻找食物。

"When they do this, they are not in the best physical condition because they might be starving,“当它们这样做的时候,它们并不处于最佳的身体状态,因为它们可能在挨饿,

so this can lead them to take more risks and maybe go closer to shore," Meynecke said.所以这会导致它们冒更大的风险,可能会游到更靠近海岸的地方,”梅内克说。

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