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About My Wife

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I am very proud that I have a perfect wife, at least in my heart.
  We met each other in an essay competition organised in Hubei Unversity of Medicine in 2009 when I was grade three and she was a freshman. She is very beautiful but dressed austere, the instinct told me that she was quite different from other girls, so I took heart of grace to communicate with her. After mutual contaction for several weeks, we came to be good friends. When the competition was over, she agreed to my treat, just after that dinner, she was joked to be my girl friend by several of my friends because I particularly took great care of her in their mind, of course, she did not know it at all. To be honest, I did not care about it because I was not ready to make her my girl friend so abruptly.

  I will never forget that I have recieved an apple from her at the night before Chrismas Day in 2009, and I was too surprised to say thank you. I placed it on my desk and went out with my friends, but it was lost when I came back. I was so angry that I shouted at my roommate who admitted his "crime". This was the first time I got angry for such a trifle thing. Then I knew I indeed cared about the things related to her, and then I decided to be one of her pursuer. 

  Tactically, I did not confess my heart to her directly, actually, I did not have enough confidence to confess, because I had a clear cognition that she was certain to reject me. I Knew each girl has her own prince dream, so does she. Frankly speaking, I am always the one who is easily accepted as a best friend rather than boy friend due to short in height, poor in family, ordinary in appearance and unskillful in words, so I communicated with her just as a friend, and never dated her out alone, on the contrary, several friends were always around us when we went out for fun. Here is a tip of great importance for the incommunicative bachelors, never date your girl out alone, or you will find how embarrassing you are when both of you lost in a silence world, and the result must turn out to be heart-broken evidencely, of course, it is also a little adventurous because she may fall in love with one of your conversable friend. With more friends together, I felt much more relax and  unconstrained, all of us enjoyed ourselves with an active atmosphere. Times we went out were limited due to the burdensome lessons and stressed examinations, in fact, library was the public place we used to go, particularly in the winter. Most of our students went to the library not for reading books but reviewing lessons because all the classrooms were very cold without the air-conditioner. I always got up at 5:00 am, waited the door open at 6:00 am, and then was flooded into the library by a body of students, you do not need to applause for our diligent in learning, we just want to get a seat, if luckly enough, a good seat closed to the air-conditioner. Most importantly, I got up so early with several friends` missions, including hers, evev though I was not asked to do so. This was a beautiful period of time in my university lifetimes.

  Just as it is said, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks. When all the examinations were over, I was suddenly told that she had a boy friend who was in another school, it was just a crushing blow because I had fully fallen in love with her. All of my friends came to comfort me to let her go. Maybe it was a wise dicision at that time because I have nothing to be worthy of her love. but I finally denied myself to adopt their kindly advices. Why I had to give myself up when I never had it a try? At least I should make her know that I loved her deeply. So I dated her out and professed my love by a love letter I wrote last night, told her that I would wait for her until she accepted me. She said the same words my friends had told me. Finally, we had made an agreement that we were still good friends.

  Everything was back to the beginning, we also communicated and learned together sometimes. During that time, I knew her boy friend hardly to care her, even chat with her, and someone else started to go after her. Then I took much more care for her. The next year, she had ordered a computer VFP training lessons outside the school, which was tough for her but easy for me. so I accompanied her for several months. I thought this time was very important to partly change her attitude. At that time, she held several posts simutaneously, she was the class monitor in her class and also served for The School League Committee. She was too busy to look after herself. so a cup of hot water or a prepared meal would always appear in front of her. No matter how it was insignificant, it was just what she needed. With time went on, It seemed that she started to accept me as a friend with further-relationship.

  Several months later, I got a bad news from her that her parents opposed our relationship. Reasons were so simple that there was no need to say again. And what`s worse, another man from a rich family was introduced to her. He was also taller and more handsome than me, his parents went to her house frequently because they were near neighbours. I did not even know it was true or not, but I had understood it all.  However, nothing will change my mind until the clear result is shown to me, and everything is possible if you try your best. Finally, she was moved at my insistence and tried to persuade her parents to accept me. 

  In June 2010,  I was about to leave the school for internship, besides the internship, I should spend much more time on reviewing lessons for post-graduate entrance examination. Time was limited to stay with her, most of the time, she went to my hospital and learnt with me, I seldomly took her out, the place we used to go was the People`s Park where it was free to visit. She knew I was poor, so she never asked me to buy what she wants, and refused me to buy anything I want to buy for her, In the park, we shared our past, talked about the present, and dreamed for the future. I had a strong sense that I had found my Mrs right. Without romantic love affairs, we both enjoyed our simple and fulfilling life, had a positive view on the future.

  In April 2011,  I was admitted to Wuhan Univeristy. Luckly, I was paid off for our endeavor, but sadly, we had to leave each other to two different cities. From then on ,only could we share our stories online. We met each other less than two times half a year as both of us were very busy. Before the spring festival was coming, she agreed to my home, and we had a pleasant time in those days. The next year, she went to hospital for internship. Work in the hospital was much more heavy than in school, but each time we talked to each other, she smiled to make me believe that she did a cushy work and had happy time everyday. I knew she was laborious, but few I could do to change this situation. 

   In June 2013, she had been employed as the new staff in the hospital where she wanted to enter and I was admitted to learn in the school for another three years. We were both so busy that we just could meet each other in the National Day or International Labour Day. This was a stern test for both of us. Few of the couples had the happy ending for isolation for so long, luckily, we had been one of them. During these days, I seldomly stayed with her more than three days. Each time she went to my school or I went to her hospital, she would buy me a new cloth or shoe, and she also refused everything I wanted to buy for her. In fact, she was also from an ordinary family with a sister and a brother in universities, her salary at the beginning was just 800 yuan, she hardly bought a new cloth, a new shoe for herself. A cheap cell phone was used for several years, but she did not change a new one. She said she would pay the down-payment for our first house, so she saved all her money, which moved me for a long time.

  In July 2015, we got the marriage certificate. Few months later, we bought our first house with all her savings and housing accumulation funds. As I did not graduate from the school, almost all the procedures for loan, house decorating and so on, were done by herself. She had paid too much energy on our new house though she was very busy in hospital. She was in central operating room department where there were at least 100 surgery to be done everyday, when she was assigned for the neurosurgery, which always cost more than 8 hours, she was hardly off duty before 18:00, that meant at least 10 hours she had to work everyday without a rest, and it was common to be waked up at night to conduct a  cesarean section or emergency operation. Though she was busy and tired everyday, she insisted without a word.

  She is a lovely and lively girl. Where she is ,where there is laugh, so all the surgeons feel happy to work with her, and all her colleagues were pleasant to stay with her, so did her leaders. From her, you can never recieve the negative or pessimistic emotion, it seems that she has so many happy things everyday. She is also conversable, she was always recommended to be the answerer to all kinds of quesions in class or inspections in hospital. 

  Of great importance, she is filiar and affectionate. She made phone call to her parents once a week, and went home once a month. She never quarreled with her parents, and never complained about them,  in reverse, she regards them as the most important people in her life, even though she was raised by her grandmother alone. She lived with her parents until she graduated from the senior school., so she loved her grandmother very much.
(to be continued)






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