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【双语】表妹再次大伤 签约霍华德 湖人总冠军?

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The Lakers' title quest is getting harder two monthsbefore it actually begins.The loss of Boogie Cousinsand the front office's reported interest in retreadslike Dwight Howard amplify questions about theLakers' ability to survive the regular-season slog.


Last week, Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins tore hisACL after reportedly banging knees with anotherplayer during a workout in Las Vegas, making we wondering what the heck was going on.


Cousins--One of the most talented big men of any generation, has suddenly found himselfcaught in the consistent nightmare of surgery and rehab, during, under more ordinarycircumstances, what ought to be the thick of his prime years. Instead, we're pondering theend.


And now, with an undermanned Lakers squad left to grind dust with the free agency millstone,it's fair to wonder what the team might look like now that their full-fledged fantasy has hit aroadblock.


The Lakers are reportedly mulling alternatives, though there are few options; they are cappedout and have depleted their collection of assets after acquiring Anthony Davis. They'll besearching for this season's version of Tyson Chandler. Bygone defensive mavens like DwightHoward and Joakim Noah have both been mentioned as possibilities.


More than anything, Cousins served as a buffer between the Lakers' 1 percent and the rest ofthe roster: Even in his diminishedform, he had inherentupside that just about every player onthe roster not named LeBron or AD lacked.


Cousins has the ability to fulfill the primary tasks of three different positional archetypes(facilitate, score down low, shoot 3s); even if he could do only one of those three thingsconsistently night to night, he'd still be immensely valuable to the Lakers. Without him, theLakers are built, more or less, like LeBron's old Cavs.


To label oneself a center in the NBA is to engage in one of the league's most enduringoxymorons. It is both the game's most celebrated and most thankless position.


Davis has rejected the center label despite spending the bulk of his career at the position, andis probably right to continue that stance as a Laker, at least from an optics perspective.There's no need to amplify the pressure of living up to the city's standards by placing oneselfin the lineage of George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Shaquille O'Neal.


Cousins's injury isn't going to ruin the Lakers' shot at a championship this season; evenwhen the signing was reported last month, it seemed the best-case scenario for Cousins wasBiggest Microwave in NBA History.


The Cousins news itself did not dip the Lakers into a state of crisis; the organization has beenin a state of crisis for the past seven years. Things are a bit different now: The youthmovement is over, and so are James's babysitting days.


Now, James is voluntarily ceding his throne to one of the five best players in the world, onewho, when the games matter most, will inhabit the same space down in the paint that some ofthe biggest Lakers luminaries have over decades—whether he likes it or not.


That duo should be enough to rise to the contending level. But the margin for error is still thin,and it just got slimmer. The Lakers got their dream pairing two months ago; the question todayand in the coming weeks and months remains the same: Just how long will they hold up, and dothey have the proper reinforcements should things break wrong?


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